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Our services


  • If the client is a foreigner, we organize pick up at the airport and transfer to the destination, our office in Vodice;
  • On the client request we organize accommodation;
  • We schedule with you the time of the meeting in our office, conversation and suggestions, with property presentation;
  • After presentation and property selection, viewing of all chosen properties will be organized with one of our agents ;
  • If necessary, we provide legal advice for the client, as well as all other professional advices from the architect, attorney, public notary, tax consultant and from the other side, everything in connection with sale process;
  • We introduce clients with all legal provisions and obligations in Republic of Croatia, with whom each client needs to be familiar with regarding everything in relation with a technical part of sales;

  • Conversation and consultation, when we give our professionally opinion regarding property price;
  • Documentation control and identification, essential facts for buying-selling process;
  • Overview of the subject property;
  • Presentation of the subject property on specialized property sites in Croatia, as well as all specialized sites through our partner agencies in their countries.
  • Searching for Buyer - subject property;

Market property valuation is very important fact which needs to be determinate before the Sales process. A lot of our clients, very often give us properties for sale without objective and realistic market value, based on that, it is almost impossible to sell such a property, simply because there is no place on the real estate market for such a property.

Service of property market valuation
Our agency, among other things, performs a realistic market property valuation for the future client, in order to have a realistic place on the real estate market.


Our consulting in the process of buying or selling properties consists of giving a professional advice and opinion to the future client, related to the following:
  • Consulting in the property selection and analysis of the property market in specific moment;
  • Consulting during technical part of the sales process;
  • Consulting in residential and commercial investments;
  • Consulting in property construction and future selling;
  • Financial consulting and analysis of the property market;
  • Consulting on the viability and feasibility of a potential project;

Our agency in cooperation with our partners provides you with accommodation during your stay in Vodice, in hotel rooms or apartments or in private accommodation, in the city centre and close to the beach.
For our clients we will demand additional discount for accommodation!

Our agency will provide you with a fair, objective and honest mediation service in buying or selling your property, provide complete legal service and protection, and in the shortest time we will try to complete the entire legal sales process;

We will not give you false promises, or impossible promises, but we will certainly try to help you to choose best for you, to be satisfied and to justify your confidence, because you chose us to achieve your wishes.

Thank you in advance for choosing us to help you make your dreams come true!!!

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