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ID Code: 3902

Vodice, building plot 643m2, quiet environment


Vodice, in a quiet environment, building plot of 643 m2, regular shape, dimensions 25 m x 24 m. According to the valid city plan of the city of Vodice, amendment II, the plot is located in the M zone, marking 1.4., undeveloped part of the building area. The property was cleared. Public infrastructure (electricity, water, street lighting) and an asphalt road are approx. 100 m from the property. The center is 1,200 m and the beach 1,500 m away. It is possible to build a single-family home with a maximum of 4 residential units. A conceptual project for a detached building on 3 floors has been prepared.
* Minimum. 600 m2 area;
* Apartment max.= celler+basement+ground floor+2;
* Height max. = 10.0 m;
* Minimum. 25% of the building site area must be green;
* Minimum. Width 16m, for building areas for free-standing construction:
* Max. Kig/built coefficient = 0.3 (possible floor plan area 192m2);
* Max. Kis / utilization coefficient of above-ground floors = 0.6 (possible total area 385 m2);
* Max. number of residential units = 4 apartments
* Parking spaces per 1 residential unit min. = 1.5 / 1 residential unit.


  • Land type: Construction
  • Purpose: residential
  • Ownership certificate
  • Real estate subtype: Construction
  • Southwest

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Dijana Banović
Dijana Banović
Agent with license
Divna Bulat
Divna Bulat
Agent with license
Milica Štrkalj
Milica Štrkalj
Agent with license
Diana Knežević


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